Final IVF Treatment Failed, Turn Into Egg Recipient Program

It’s really hard to balance work and infertility treatment. However, no good results are more desperate... Until I came to Taiwan, I followed the arrangement of giving by Stork step by step. I think I can get pregnant smoothly because the advance of the pre-check had done enough, that’s why I find the cause of infertility...
Author: 客戶分享
Translator: Kathleen

Hard to Balance Work and Infertility Treatment

I was married at 32. Regarding pregnancy, I have always thought that let it slide, and the baby will come naturally when the time comes. But after 35, I still haven't been pregnant. Then, I went to the clinic for infertility treatment and worked at the same time. I was 37 years old when the  infertility treatment officially started. After 3 years of treatment in Japan, three hospitals were also changed. My AMH (ovarian inventory) was only 0.02 which was about very low, and I just realized that the number of my eggs was not enough.

I was told by this hospital: “If I don’t get treatment as soon as possible, I am afraid that I will stop ovulating soon. The treatment must speed up.” I was shocked at the moment and accidentally caused my family members to be affected by my anxiety and restlessness. There was no time to sort out my mood, and I went directly to various examinations and treatments. Because of my  low ovarian inventory, I need to retrieve eggs every menstrual cycle, and only two eggs can be retrieved each time. I not only need to take injections for about two weeks every month but also need to go back to the clinic almost every day. It’s really hard to balance work and infertility treatment. 

 Even though I continue to receive treatment, there have been no good results. I often cried at night alone. I think over “Am I really unable to get pregnant?” again and again. I also thought about adoption as well. There is a sound from the bottom of my heart that makes me couldn’t give up, “I want to give birth for my husband.”

It’s Glad I Took ERA Examination

I found information about the “Egg Recipient Program” from Stork Fertility Center in Taiwan, and also visited their website. Attracted by their high pregnancy rate, I quickly decided to contact them. Their consultants could communicate in Japanese, and I got their reply quickly. Although, I felt a little bit anxious due to rare information about the “Egg Recipient Program” in Japan. But I still have hope and expectation.

We followed the instructions given by Stork, prepared all the documents in Japan, and flew to Taiwan, visit the Stork Fertility Center. The overall impression of the Stork is very bright and clean. My uneasy emotions have been wiped out, and I am being treated in Taiwan without any suspense. Maybe I am not sure whether I can carry out the treatment and all my feelings are written on my face. No matter the doctor or Japanese consultants, they all have a smile, encouraging me and explaining the treatment carefully, so that I can take overseas medical treatment with peace of mind. The examination was only mildly painful, and it ended soon.

For me, the treatment in Taiwan doesn’t affect work at all. Before the first implantation, the ERA examination found that my implantation window was different from others. Although it didn’t succeed the first time. But after the second implantation, there were two lines on the pregnancy test stick. I couldn't believe it. I confirmed the pregnancy test several times.I think I can get pregnant smoothly because the advance of the pre-check had done enough, that’s why I found the cause of infertility.

Thanks Donor and Brave Me

At 41, I gave birth to my child successfully, and my husband’s family members are also very happy. The child looks so much like my husband. I am writing while the child is 1 month old, and I can’t help crying when I look at my kid’s angelic sleeping face. If I hadn't had a child, it would be impossible to taste such happiness.

I would like to thank the donor and every colleague who works in Stork. Thanks!