Brave to Having IVF Treatment

Within three years, we continued to retrieve eggs, directly culture to blastocysts and then cryopreserved (blastocysts collection) instead of oocyte cryopreservation (eggs collection).In July 2020, my wife finally received the mother's handbook...
Author: 客戶分享
Translator: Kathleen


In fact, I never thought of writing this. Within three years, we continued to retrieve eggs, directly culture to blastocysts and then cryopreserved (blastocysts collection) instead of oocyte cryopreservation (eggs collection).In July 2020, my wife finally received the mother's handbook. I really didn't expect...there will be a sequel that can be updated like a blockbuster movie.

My Treatment History

The timetable and a brief descriptions are based on my wife’s manuscript:

Time Step Result
2017/09/30 Implantation After eight weeks with fetal demise, I felt depressed, readjusted my mood, and slowly returned to normal life. I went to work normally, jogged every day, and took aerobic boxing and yoga classes on holidays.
2018/09/17 egg retrieval Fertilized *1
Freezing 1 blastocyst(4BC)
2019/07/24 egg retrieval

Fertilized *2
Freezing 2 blastocysts(4BB, 4BC)

There is a small follicle. Afterward, the doctor suggested performing a second egg retrieval in the same cycle.

2019/08/02 Twice Egg Retrieval Fertilized *1
Freezing 1 blastocyst(4AC)
2020/01/03 Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Perform ERA as the final preparation for blastocyst implantation.
2020/05/16 Implantation The pregnancy was confirmed two weeks after implantation, and the fetal heartbeat detected by ultrasound at 7 weeks


Continue to Monitor Immunity data after Implantation

During the period after the implantation, I did not rest at home to prevent myself from being worried at home, so I went to work normally. I was used to exercising. I changed the 4 kilometers from running to 4 kilometers walk. Avoid strenuous boxing aerobic and yoga classes, at first, it is very uncomfortable to walk instead of run because there is no sweat, but for the sake of the future baby, this is a change that must be made.

Since I have an autoimmune problem, my doctor asked me to monitor my immune values such as white blood cells, albumin, D-Dimer, AST, ALT, TSH, etc. every week after implantation.  After hearing the heartbeat of the fetus, the heparin injection was reduced to once every two days, which made me feel much more relaxed and free from daily injections.

The journey of pregnancy is very long, I dare not think too far, I just hope to pass every hurdle smoothly and hold the baby safely.

Brave for Children

My wife is the timidest of the people I know, regardless of gender, age, relatives, friends, colleagues. But with only IVF treatment,  I have seen her perseverance and determination, which is why I am willing to against all odds and took on the challenge with her. As I wrote this article, my wife is over three months pregnant. Perhaps it is because I have experienced setbacks and have prepared myself mentally, or because I have grown older, I am as calm as ever and have few emotional ups and downs.

I feel that instead of looking forward to the outcome of this game, it is better to experience the process. It is uncommon to have people who have had such an experience. We fully understand that only when we encounter adversity and embrace difficulties can we reacquaint ourselves.


For IVF, "money" is a very real issue, but it must be faced. In Taiwan, most test tubes cost a lot of money. The amount of egg retrieval/freezing at the beginning of the course of treatment is affordable. However, after you have paid the fee, the cost of the follow-up course of treatment (thawing eggs/making blastocysts/implantation) will be derived. It is estimated that 500,000 to 600,000 are prepared for insurance. Even if the money disappears, it will not affect your life. It is not recommended to catch too little in the budget, which will make you feel a lot of pressure. At the same time, couples also need to have a strong physique and invincible psychological quality.

To put it simply, the couple must have sufficient financial resources and a strong heart, and also have to take into account the hidden cost of "time". Otherwise, the couple will be happier if they maintain their life status.

I hope my sharing can help friends who have the same predicament but no clues to understand more about the process and reduce uncertainty. Instead of just hearing about it, of course, I don't encourage everyone to be like me. After all, your future is in your hands, and you will know what to do next when you take the next step prudently.

Finally, during this period of time, the Stork medical team has been the strongest backing for our husband and wife. Everyone is full of energy, optimism, positivity, enthusiasm, hope, and belief. As well as my immunology physicians who intervened to monitor autoimmunity in the later stage of the course of treatment, he was careful, young, and promising. Of course, there are many people who have not written about it, because space is limited, so I will not thank them all.


  1. The IVF treatment course is like a marathon race, with the pace and guidance of a doctor professionally. Of course, the core of victory and defeat still lies on the runner. Sufficient perseverance and the toughness not to be defeated by setbacks are definitely the keys to supporting runners. I was very impressed with this client, with a soft but powerful voice. Her husband was with her almost every time she went back to the clinic, and this sharing of his feelings made me believe that he was a great teammate in this successful marathon!
  2. The client was 35 years old when she came to Stork, the AMH value was 1.55, and the ovarian function was slightly declining. The doctor designed a "collecting eggs" treatment for her. The risk is that we will not know the status of fertilized and cultured blastocysts until after thawing. Unfortunately, only one blastocyst was obtained in the end, and the follow-up was the result of fetal demise at 8 weeks. They took a break for about a year and started again. At that time, the AMH value dropped to 0.563, and with the pressure of old age, they switched to the strategy of "collecting embryos", which cost more, but every egg retrieved was successfully cultured into blastocysts, which gave more confidence to the clients.

  3. In this course of treatment, in addition to continuing to track abnormally high anti-TPO and ATA, oral immunization medication was maintained, and heparin was administered as adjuvant therapy before and after implantation. Under the advice of doctors, ERA was also performed before implantation. Although the subsequent implantation embryos have not undergone PGS, they have grasped the precise implantation window. stabilizing the immune status, I believe all are the key factors for success, this is her exclusive personalized treatment for pregnancy.

  4. Patient’s Treatment History 2013-2017

    Number of frozen  MII eggs

    Number of survival eggs after thawing

    Number of 2PN

    Number of frozen blastocysts Numbers of PGS

    Times of Implantation

    Numbers of Implantation

    10 7 3 1 0 1 1 of 5BC fetal demise at 8 weeks


    egg retrieval Number of MII eggs Number of 2PN Number of frozen blastocysts Numbers of PGS Times of Implantation Numbers of Implantation Result

    egg retrieval


    1 1 4BC 0 1 4AC+4BB At Pregnant

    egg retrieval


    2 2 4BB+4BC 0
    Twice egg retrieval 1 1 4AC 0