How Long Does the IVF Treatment Process Take?

IVF treatment is a phased process, and the entire treatment cycle takes a while. Do you know how long an IVF cycle will take?
Author: Stork Fertility Center

IVF treatment is a phased process, and the entire treatment cycle takes a while. Do you know how long an IVF cycle will take? Let us find out together.

To collect 4 blastocysts as an example, it will go through three stages, and each stage requires a different time:

(1) Collecting blastocysts: It's according to the individual's age and ovarian function, and it usually takes more than one month.

(2) Perform IVF 3+ related inspections: such as PGS, ERA... and other inspections, it will take about 1 to 2 months.

(3) From implantation to the pregnancy test.

According to each person's condition, the doctor will design different treatments.

If you are older than 38 years old and with poor ovarian function, it is usually recommended to adopt a "blastocysts collection" strategy. The eggs retrieved each time will be fertilized to be blastocysts and then frozen. After reaching the target number, then process to implantation. It takes about 4~6 months.

If you are younger than 38 years old but with poor ovarian function, it is recommended to adopt an "Egg collection" strategy. After collecting enough, all eggs will be fertilized once to save money. The process takes about 4~6 months.

If your ovarian function is better, more eggs will be retrieved. Once egg retrieval can get enough eggs for fertilization.

After collecting enough blastocysts, the following are IVF3+ related examinations to increase the pregnancy rate and live birth rate.

Common tests such as embryo preimplantation chromosome screening (PGS) take about 14 days, while endometrial receptivity test (ERA) takes about a month.

At the end of the implantation stage, thrombosis and immune problems must be eliminated before implantation. This part can be performed simultaneously with PGS and ERA; 14 days after implantation is the exciting and anticipated time for the pregnancy test result!

The average pregnancy rate of IVF 3+ is over 80%, allowing you to bring a healthy baby back smoothly.

Since everyone's physical condition is different, the doctor will design a special treatment for each, and the time spent by each person will also be different!

*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.