Way To Improve Egg Quality

Before the Ovum Pick-Up (OPU), patients may ask, “How to improve the quality and amount of eggs ?”
Author: Dr. Ryh-Sheng Li, MD
Translator: Lydia

Before the Ovum Pick-Up (OPU), many patients ask me, “How to improve the quality and amount of eggs ?”

Today I will share the opinions which I’ve mentioned during my last Facebook live stream.

Way to Improve the Egg Quality


Everyone has different ways to improve the ovum quality, but, in brief, the most important factor is to

“keep a healthy lifestyle”

Daily routine : go to bed at 11 o’clock. If you can’t go to bed on time, then sleep 8 hours at least.

Proper exercise : three times a week and once for 30 minutes; the heart beat should be over 133 per minute, which means you’ll be a little out of breath.

If you are a regular exerciser, you can break your personal beast(PB) while improving the ovum quality.  However, you should assess your physical condition and reduce the exercise intensity during the OPU medication .

For example, if you run a whole marathon every week, you can adjust it to about 10 km. Take another example, if you can lift 60kg in your weight training, you need to reduce to 20-30kg during the OPU medication.

The purpose of exercise is to maintain your fitness; however, excessive exercise will cause stress and affect the growth of the ovum. Therefore, remember to reduce your exercise intensity during the OPU medication.

Eat healthy : Reduce irritating food and fried food while increasing vegetables.

How Long Does it Take to Improve the Egg Quality?

“Basically, the improvement should last at least for three months.”

Nevertheless, every month is especially precious for females with low Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH); therefore, in this case, I suggest improving ovum quality and receiving OPU at the same time. As for females with High AMH, if they are not in a hurry to start the treatment or have already received OPU but with poor outcomes, I suggest improving ovum quality for three months before receiving medication for OPU.

Health Supplements (Based on Personal Experience)

In general, vitamin D3 and DHEA are effective while Q10 and inositol could be helpful depending on each individual.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also a good way to improve ovum quality, but it can’t be taken with western medicine. It is highly suggested to stagger them.

Notes for Improving Eggs Quality

Ovum quality can only be observed with eyes. The chromosome in an ovum can not be analyzed directly. It can only be analyzed when it becomes an embryo after being fertilized.

To increase the pregnancy rate effectively, we propose a strategy for improving ovum quality based on both comprehensive international research as well as clinical observation and experience.

However, the most critical key point is “Age”. If you plan to have a baby someday, we will suggest freezing your eggs first and following our tips to maintain your ovum quality.

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