Tips and process of Lucky IVF from Taiwan

My husband and I came from Hong Kong, went to Stork for IVF treatment starting in 2019. We were so lucky that we got a baby on our first try. So we would like to share our feelings and tips of the process, in order to encourage more people who like us.
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My husband and I came from Hong Kong, went to Stork for IVF treatment starting in 2019. We were so lucky that we got a baby on our first try. So we would like to share our feelings and tips of the process, in order to encourage more people who like us.

Why did we choose the IVF treatment? My husband and I got married in 2016. We reached a consensus to have a baby before we married. However, I still don’t get pregnant in 2019, when I am 32. Our friend is almost having their babies, I was getting nervous. We have tried to calculate the ovulation period, but we failed every time. We are efficient people so we search for more methods. And we found that IVF treatments are common and have a high successful rate. We would like to give it a try.

My husband and I decided to do IVF, and Taiwan is our top choice because Taiwan is close to Hong Kong. Also, we always have confidence in Taiwan. We joined some seminars of other fertility centers from Taiwan. We finally chose Stork fertility Center, because  they are so professional with the whole process and every detail. As I expected, everything was great. We went to Hsinchu center and Taipei center, both places are comfortable. And the staff were so professional. The technology they use is more advanced than I imagined. Whether it is egg retrieval or fertilization, you can see instant photos in the app. It is very advanced and reliable, which is very reassuring.

The most difficult part of treatment is about time arrangement. Because we are business people, and we are too busy to have a vacation. So we flew to Taiwan after we got off from work. Moreover, the amount of injections and medicines are more than I thought. I still remember that my belly was bruised from the injection. When my husband gave me the injection, I couldn’t find a place to insert the injection at all.

The most memorable thing for me is that I had to get an injection in Hong Kong before I was going to do the egg retrieval. Then I found out that the syringe with medicine had to be refrigerated before the injection, but I didn’t do this. Without this trigger, the medicines and injections I took before will be in vain.I still remember that the night when I discovered it was Sunday, and neither the Taiwan clinic nor the Hong Kong clinic should be not working. Fortunately, I contacted the Taiwan and Hong Kong clinics that night and got a reply, asking me to go to the Hong Kong clinic early tomorrow morning to get the shot. Monday morning I rushed to the clinic, and there was a meeting at work at the same time. I clearly remember that I was in the meeting on the phone while rushing to do the injection on the belly. Fortunately, the plan was not missed in the end and I went to Taiwan for egg retrieval.

Finally, I want to share some good luck tips to who are ready to do IVF treatment:

  1. Do exercise: During the preparation process, I have regular aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming for 30 minutes, to ensure that my blood circulation and metabolism are better.

  2. Feet bath: I will soak my feet for 10 to 15 minutes one hour before sleep every day, until I sweat slightly to achieve the effect of warming the uterus.

  3. Supplement: 1~2 packs of fish or chicken essence, fish maw essence, Q10, eggs, avocado per day, a relatively high-protein and nutritious diet.

  4. Relax: I remember that I was very relaxed after the transfer, walking around and going to the night market, which may also be a factor for the success.

So happy that the baby is now two years old! very healthy! The growth curve has been maintained above 90% (it should be the credit of PGS^—^) I wish you all a good pregnancy!


*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.


Stork Fertility Center
Stork Fertility Center
  1. With the stabilization of covid19 in Taiwan, we finally see the hope of opening the border. No matter which city in the world you live in or what language you speak, the road to childbearing is always full of uncertainties. Before entering the infertility clinic or reproductive center, all parties need to be carefully evaluated. What's more, if you choose to come to Taiwan for treatment across the sea, you need to search for information and prepare in all aspects before treatment. On the road to seeking a child, choice is as important as hard work, and the choice of reproductive center is absolutely the key.

  2. Stork has a personal consultant with many years of experience. Whether it is an overseas customer or a Taiwanese abroad, you can contact us first before coming to or returning to Taiwan. The consultant will evaluate each client's condition and discuss the arrangement of treatment. Let every overseas customer who comes to the hospital be able to take their baby home "as soon as possible" and "happily".

  3. The more you understand, the less you worry. Whether it is before, during, or after the treatment, countless phone calls and emails are used to communicate and discuss, hoping to reduce the tension and worry of customers.

    When Ms. L encountered such a difficult and unexpected situation, we tried our best to eliminate the difficulties, coordinated the operation time and follow-up fertilization schedule with the attending physician and cross-department, and reached a consensus in the shortest time to reduce losses. More importantly, we stand on the same front with every client, and the treatment that has been worked so hard for so long cannot just be canceled. This is what we Stork has always insisted on - only doing the right thing, and making a promise, and finally the team will hand over the results together.

  4. Luckily, our team finally helped her to get 25 eggs, and the rate of MII is 72%. We also culture #12 Blastocyst. One day, I got the mail from Ms. L, and she told me their baby is 2 years old now. They are ready to get the second baby.





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