Repeated Failed in IVF, Egg Bank Help Me Get A Baby

We spent four years trying to get pregnant and changed four powerful hospitals in Japan, but there was no good news for a long time. I made up my mind to come to Taiwan for the egg recipient program, but I still failed twice. We were so disappointed that we came across the Stork Fertility Center at this time.
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Translator: Kathleen

Just a few days ago, I gave birth to my long-awaited child, and I felt very happy. I have been undergoing infertility treatment for 4 years since I was 40. We spent four years trying to get pregnant and changed four powerful hospitals in Japan, but there was no good news for a long time. Considering our age, my husband and I started searching for the egg recipient program.

In the beginning, we hoped that we could do the treatment on our own, and reduce the cost by not going through an agent, so we chose Taiwan for the treatment. We initially chose to perform treatment in other hospitals in Taiwan. But that hospital was unable to ensure the number of eggs retrieved by the donor. The number of eggs the donor retrieved the first time was not as high as expected, so the donor did two egg retrievals. We were so disappointed about the result. We ended up with two transfers, we spent twice as much time and money, and even though we ended up with three embryos, we still couldn't get pregnant.

We were very disappointed that we planned to end the fertility treatment, but I didn't want to give up and tried to convince my husband. Therefore, we started our treatment in Stork Fertility Center last year (2017). Fortunately, the consultant of Stork was able to communicate in fluent Japanese and answer our trivial questions. We received the doctor's instructions through the consultant, therefore we went to Stork for the first consultation smoothly.

There are very luxurious hotel-like rooms in Stork. We stayed in that room for one night, and an airport shuttle took us directly to the hospital. The doctor is very gentle and cheerful. The doctor answered all of our questions based on medical evidence, so we can continue our treatment with peace of mind.

After the initial consultation, the consultant notified a donor who met our expectations by mail. The donor provided us with 20 frozen eggs, which were fertilized and cultured into 11 embryos.

Based on my physical condition, the doctor prescribed implanted medicine to me. During the implantation cycle, I did not have to fly to Taiwan. I had my endometrial thickness confirmed and blood values drawn at the hospital in Japan, and finally let the stork doctor decide the date of implantation.

After the transfer,  I stayed in bed, and although the doctor said I did not need to stay in bed. I know I'm a little overwrought, but I think it's better to be cautious. After returning to Japan, the counselor also emailed several times to confirm that I had taken the right medication. When I checked at the Japanese hospital and confirmed that I was pregnant, I was convinced that the multiple inspections that done by stork were really necessary.

It has been a year since the initial consultation, and I have given birth smoothly. Thanks to the Stork fertility center that gave us hope when we were about to give up, we can still live a family life with children. Thank you very much.





Stork Fertility Center
Stork Fertility Center
  1. Stork has sufficient egg bank for quick pairing for recipients; We have matured egg freezing technology to control the quality of eggs as well as the number of eggs for the recipients (fresh eggs have more variables); Our multi-lingual counselors provide barrier-free communication and interaction with our clients, making them the most comfortable choice for domestic and international clients.
  2. Sometimes good things are frustrating, but when you change your mind and make the right decision, everything is so natural and easy. The protagonist of the story a flight from Tokyo-Taiwan to Stork to seek their happiness. We not only provide warm service, a comfortable environment, and delicious meals, but also the most precious thing is the happiness of having children.
  3. We met for the first time in August 2017, and the news of the delivery in August of the next year made everyone happy. The following chart is lucky code:
    number of thawing egg number of survival eggs (2PN) Blastocyst Transfer embryos Result
    21 20 17 11 2# D5 4BB Healthy Boy
  4. At this time, there are still 9 embryos in the storage bucket waiting for the day to be awakened, looking forward to playing with his brother!