Two is Better Than One

After 6 years, an aged woman trying to get pregnant for the second baby is really hard. In order to improve the success rate of IVF, was specially selected for Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) inspection before transplant.
Author: 客戶分享

It is really not easy for a 37-year-old woman to have a second child after six years. I tried several times to get pregnant but failed repeatedly. After seeing Chinese medicine several times and taking a lot of water medicine and Chinese medicine powder, I decided to turn to Western medicine for treatment. However, after going to a large hospital, I found that the professionalism and equipment of the entire medical environment were not perfect. The process of IVF treatment is already very painful. If the environment and medical team were not my favorites, it would be very torturous.

A friend introduced me to “Stork Fertility Center”. When I walked in the first time, I noticed there were a lot of artworks on display, and there was even an art gallery on the first floor. The works of many new generation artists were exhibited regularly. The whole space is very pleasant. The reception staff and nurses here are also very kind. Dr. Lai has been engaged in IVF for quite a long time. He is very well-known overseas and is my first choice. When I come to the Stork Fertility Center, I often find patients from overseas. In short, after I came to Stork, I decided to do IVF here because I like the medical environment and services here.

Now When I think back to the process of doing IVF in the clinic, the memories are still vivid. Every time you come to Stork, you have to draw blood first, so you must not be afraid of getting an injection or drawing blood. Fortunately, the nurses are very skilled. I have never suffered from blood draws. The second is fallopian tube photography. I felt terrified because this examination is without anesthesia.

After entering the treatment, I started to have ovulation injections. I had about 10 injections in total because the injection is in the subcutaneous tissue, I didn't feel pain. Egg retrieval is what makes me most painful because I have done an endoscopy to remove the polyps in the uterus. Because of this, when the anesthetic is gone, I feel like the uterus is torn apart.

I didn’t feel anything during the transfer process because of Dr. Lai’s superb technique. One month later, the doctor told me I was pregnant. I was so happy and can't wait to tell our parents. The routine prenatal visit could be taken to 20 weeks in Stork. Therefore, I took the routine prenatal visit in Stork for the early pregnancy. The ultrasound equipment is very complete, and I can clearly see the embryo becoming a baby. The nurses and doctors were also very careful. During the first trimester, I often had bleeding. The doctor gave me the corpus luteum and fetus injection so that I can stop the bleeding immediately which gave me a lot of comfort and support.

After 20 weeks, I turned to the hospital where I was going to deliver. The obstetrician said that the baby was in good condition because of the good care in the early stage! Because of the care of Stork during the early pregnancy period, I began to have confidence in the entire pregnancy process. From the beginning of frequent bleeding or worry about embryo instability, these worries are all solved. In the middle stage, I joined a yoga exercise class for pregnant women. Stretching relieved the discomfort of edema during pregnancy and the pain of easy cramps and varicose veins during pregnancy was eliminated by exercise. This is all thanks to the doctor’s encouragement and advice, and the combination of calcium powder, folic acid, and probiotics recommended by Stork makes the whole pregnancy quite smooth.

From the beginning of blood draw, egg retrieval, and later prenatal visit, I received good care all the way from Stork. In addition to the excellent medical team, the entire medical environment is quite comfortable and relaxing! I have to draw blood every time I come, I have never felt pain or discomfort due to the blood draw. If I go to a big hospital, I often get black and blue or pain due to the blood draw! I think this is because the injection training at Stork is well-trained!

*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.