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As I grew older, I never thought that infertility would happen to me. After two years of marriage, I never conceived a baby, so I embarked on a long journey to seek a child. I decided to do IVF through Taiwan Hospital, and the moment I saw the result, I was so excited...
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The Journey of Infertility with Low AMH

When we first got married, we felt that we were still young and not ready to have children so soon. However, as the years passed, in 2011, we began preparing for pregnancy. I never thought that infertility would happen to me.  For two years after marriage, we were unable to conceive and sought medical advice. We underwent follicle monitoring at the hospital, hoping to achieve pregnancy through medical assistance. Unfortunately, our attempts were unsuccessful, and we embarked on the arduous path of seeking a child.

Starting in 2013, we visited various major hospitals, undergoing numerous examinations and treatments without any results. 2014 I underwent comprehensive testing at a hospital in Fujian, China. The doctor diagnosed me with premature ovarian failure, and my Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) was only 0.17. The chances of success with IVF were very low. Being in a second-tier city with various limitations, the option of IVF was accompanied by long waiting times and high costs, with no guaranteed success. Due to our age, we couldn't afford to wait. Unwilling to give up, we switched to another hospital, underwent another round of comprehensive testing, endured various setbacks, and spent a considerable amount of time on examinations. The final result was the same as before, and the hospital didn't even assign us a doctor for IVF. Facing outdated IVF capabilities in the provincial hospitals and the inconvenience of prolonged travel during our work hours, we sought connections and went to the Hospital in Shanghai. Despite extensive testing, the results remained consistent, with the only relief being that my uterine function was healthy.

Artificial Reproduction Laws Protect Taiwan's Egg Borrowers

After consulting various sources, I concluded that egg donation was the only way for me to realize my dream of becoming a mother. I registered at several domestic hospitals. Public hospitals in China required egg donors to be IVF patients, and recipients had to meet specific medical criteria for egg donation. Given the immense demand for egg donation domestically, the long waiting times posed an unbearable risk. After discussing it with my family, we decided to explore other options.

After looking up various information on the Internet, I have summarized three ways: first, private hospitals buy eggs through the black market, second, Taiwan hospitals, and third, Thailand hospitals. We even contacted a third-party agency that claimed to handle IVF arrangements, but we hesitated as there were many fraudulent organizations. Later, by chance, I learned that Taiwan officially enacted the "Artificial Reproduction Act" in 2001, recognizing the legal status of egg donation. This became the most significant advantage of Taiwanese egg donation hospitals. After discussing it, we decided to undergo IVF with egg donation at a Taiwanese hospital.

Seeking Help from Stork Fertility Centers in Taiwan - Fulfilling the Dream of Pregnancy

After preliminary research, we found the website of the Taiwanese IVF center, "Stork Fertility Center''. Through email and QQ communications, in June 2017, we finally embarked on the journey of fertility at Stork in Taiwan. We were quite nervous on our first visit to the hospital because we didn't know if the final results would bring disappointment again. At the hospital,  after a series of examinations, the Doctor assured us that having a child was not an issue. Following some tests, he asked us to wait for the results.

In July, we received information about the egg donor provided by the hospital. After our consent, the matching was successful. In September, we returned to Taiwan for the second time for embryo transfer. We stayed in Taiwan for 5 days and then returned, the waiting process is torturous, finally waited until the 12th day I went to the hospital to draw blood, when I saw the results of the moment, the emotion is incredibly exciting! The entire family was so happy - we were finally expecting a baby. We are grateful to the doctor and the counseling team at Stork, as well as the generous egg donor who fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother.

*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.


Stork Fertility Center
Stork Fertility Center
  1. Stork Fertility Center has the largest egg bank in Taiwan, and Taiwan has relatively well-established laws and regulations on egg borrowing, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage for many overseas countries.

  2. For numerous women facing challenges such as low ovarian reserve or advanced age, attempting to conceive with their own eggs can be arduous. The time and money expended are immeasurable. Stepping beyond the psychological barrier and considering egg donation can significantly alleviate the hardships on the path to parenthood. Additionally, because the quality of eggs from younger women tends to be better, the subsequent embryos formed through fertilization are less likely having chromosomal abnormalities.

  3. One client began preparing for pregnancy in 2011 and entered the center in 2017 to commence the egg donation journey. Amid numerous setbacks, including an AMH of only 0.17 and various obstacles in assisted reproductive technologies, she bravely and resolutely chose egg donation. She actively researched and chose our center for this purpose. In order to minimize the travel of customers, we will do a comprehensive examination when they first come to Taiwan, and they can also do some follow-up treatment in their home country, so that we can accompany them step by step to fulfill their journey of seeking a child in a flexible way.

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