IVF Treatment with Full Check-up. Successfully Conceived with Twins

At the beginning of desiring a child, there must be many questions about the course of treatment. Should we start with the lower-cost IUI, or go directly to IVF with a higher pregnancy rate? Couples can make a preliminary self-diagnosis from the fallopian tubes, female age, AMH, and sperm quality.
Author: 客戶分享
Translator: Kathleen

The more you have hunger for pregnancy, the more disappointment you easily get. My mood goes up and down every month. There are several reasons that make a couple be infertility, such as environment, pressure, and late marriage. People all want to have a child after marriage, my husband and I are no exception.

We enjoyed a free and sweet time after we got married. We like to travel, shop, play golf and watch movies. We were happy but also envious of the friend who has kids. After 3 years, we noticed that something was missing. We start to think that life will be better with a kid. And we like to pass our beliefs and values ​​to the next generation.

In the third year after marriage, we started to be active, and I chose the fastest and most efficient shortcut - IVF. I started to go to the hospital for ovulation induction, blood tests, ultrasound to check the condition of follicles, egg retrieval and insemination, etc. I tried it for almost half a year but there was no movement, and the embryo implantation ended in failure. I often heard people say that if you relax, you will naturally have it, but the more you want it, the greater the pressure, and the more difficult it is to get it.

Later, my husband and I gave up our active actions. We felt that the first way of IVF seemed unworkable, so we switched to traditional Chinese medicine. This Chinese medicine physician is also very confident in his own medical skills. Every time he takes the pulse, he tells us the current state of the body's progress, so that we can have hope. We took traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture every day, and it was like this for another 3 years. We couldn’t see the result. In conclusion, the second way still does not work out. Suddenly, we notice that it’s been six years…but what else can we do?

At this time, my husband’s cousin faced the same situation. They travel south to north to seek for a baby. Finally, they got pregnant under treatment in the Stork Fertility Center. She shared her history of pregnancy, and hoped I could visit Stork. I was encouraged by this conversation. I am an active person, so I was in the clinic the next day. After I talked to the doctor, I was confident and wanted to give myself one more chance. This time, I tried step by step, followed the treatment, and listened to the doctor for suggestions. The doctor emphasized that if the thickness of the endometrium does not increase, don't rush to implant frozen embryos, because the success rate is not high. Therefore, we tried for about three to four months, constantly tracking the effect of different injections and drugs on the thickness of the endometrium. Finally, 2 days before the ovulation day of the fourth cycle, the endometrium thickened. The doctor said that the thickness of the endometrium was prepared for implantation.I said without a word: no problem. After waiting for so long, I can finally take another small step. I implanted 2 frozen embryos according to the treatment date, and I lay in the clinic for almost an hour before I was ready to go home. Thanks to the company for letting me stay home for a week.

On the day we were going to take the pregnancy test, My husband and I arrived at the clinic as scheduled, and we were nervous. We got disappointed in these six years, so I really dared not take a pregnancy test by myself this time. I was afraid that I would be disappointed again and burst into tears. The doctor sat in front of me and my husband, then he took out a pregnancy test with a serious face. He first told us how much the B-HCG index of the blood test must reach if we were pregnant. This made me even more tremble with fear. As soon as he turned over the pregnancy test paper I took that day, I could hardly believe my eyes and said to my husband, “This is the legendary two lines, two lines!  I'm pregnant!” Tears were rolling in my eyes. I can't believe it. However, the doctor told me that I had to wait until evening to see the B-HCG index that day. That was the longest day I had ever lived. Finally, I got the doctor's call and he told me the B-HCG index was high, it might be twins.

We followed the examination date to make sure there were two babies. Because I was in advanced maternal age, I plan to do amniocentesis at 19 weeks to confirm whether the baby's chromosomes are normal and gender. At that time, I only cared about whether the baby was healthy, boys or girls were not important, so my husband and I patiently waited for the report.

On that day, we went to the clinic and the doctor took out two amniocentesis reports and told us that the baby's chromosomes were normal, so we can be relaxed. Then the doctor opened the chromosome report and told us the part that shows gender, one is XX and the other is XY. God! At that moment, there were really no words to describe. My husband and I are really lucky. Thanks to Stork, it finally made me and my husband’s life more perfect. That moment was really unforgettable. The doctor said that after giving birth, remember to bring the baby back to see him. I said, "I definitely will!" 

Without the doctors and team of Stork, there would be no two of our babies. While the babies were stretching in my womb, I tried to write down this life process. It is impossible to describe the mental journey during that period. The hardships of seeking a child have finally become history, and we are going to be parents! ! I hope that those who are walking this distance or are still overwhelmed, don't be discouraged! Hope it's not too far away.