IntraUterine Insemination
What is IUI?

Based on the prediction of ovulation, treated semen samples with higher concentration of sperms number would be injected into the uterine by the doctor.

Am I suitable for undergoing IUI?
  • Candidate: Who is under age 34, and acquires at least one patent fallopian tube.
  • Successful rate: 20~30%
  • Failed to conceive despite trying to get pregnant for more than at least 6 months.
Timeline-Menstruation cycle

Day 2~Day 4: Ultrasound
Examine the antral follicles count(AFC) by trans-vaginal ultrasound(TVS).

Day 4: Stimulation with injections and medicine

Hormone injections such as rFSH would be used to stimulate and regulate the formation of follicles.


Short-term injection


Short-term injection


The relationship between injections and ovulation
The ingredient of injections is like the nutrition of the follicles. Your doctor will prescribe the most suitable medicine and dosage according to your current condition.

Day 8: Ultrasound and hormone blood testing
Evaluating the size and the growth of follicles by doing ultrasound and blood testing.

Day 11: Ultrasound
The size of follicles will be observed by TVS. (diameter >14 mm would be considered as median follicles, diameter >17 mm would be considered as big follicles.)

Day 12: Ultrasound and trigger
Trigger at night based on the size of follicles. The follicles will release the mature oocytes 36-40 hours after trigger.


Mimicking LH surge



Day 14: Insemination
The concentrated semen sample with better sperm quality would be transferred into the uterus by the doctor.

Rest after transfer
Lying for 30 minutes at least after transfer. Lift up the bottom to assist the sperms heading to fallopian tubes

Day 14~31: Progesterone

Progesterone enhancement
To stabilize the endometrium, taking progesterone medicine for 15 days. During this period, your period would not come since we regulate your hormone by pills. If spotting recharge is observed, please contact the clinic as soon as possible.

(Pills or vaginal suppositories)

Stabilize the endometrium



Boost circulation


Day 31: Pregnancy test
After stopping the medicine for 3 days, please make an appointment for a pregnancy test. However, if your period comes in a week, the attempt of this cycle is failed.

The cost of IUI
Treatment Injections/ultrasound/hormone level Semen sample preparation and transfer Progesterone medicine
Cost (NTD) 10000~30000 9000~11000 500~3000

For reference only

  • What if the IUI do not work out after 2-3 months’ attempts?
    The working theory of IUI is relatively straight forward but not precise. Therefore, IUI is not recommended for women who acquire other complications such as abnormal uterine capacity or diminished ovarian reserve.
    After trying for 3-6 months, please consult with your doctor and consider other approaches such as IVF.
  • What can I do if the thought of taking shots by myself is too dreadful to me?
    1. You could bring your injections to our centers. Nurses would assist the injection.
    2. Hold the prescription sign to our collaborating clinic.
  • What are the risks of IUI?
    1. Since we stimulate ovulation by extra hormones, multiple-birth pregnancy is more likely to occur.
    2. The extra hormone might induce the overreaction of the ovaries. If the development of follicles is beyond prediction, your doctor might strongly suggest you to alter your treatment from IUI to IVF.
  • The risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
    1. The cause of OHSS is the hormone injections for follicle stimulation, which would also lead to the increase of hormone level. The elevated hormone might cause the unbalance of osmotic pressure.
    2. The symptoms of OHSS include abdominal pain, oliguria and shortness of breath.
    3. Severe side effects might also include ascites. Please notify us if you have the symptoms above.
  • What should I do if I have bleeding during taking Progesterone medicine?
    Amount of bleeding Less than a circle with a thumb and forefinger Greater than a circle with a thumb and forefinger
    Act No need to alter the prescription. Take two extra progesterone supplements. Please rest in bed for 1-2 hours, and check if the recharge is eased or not. Please use the early pregnancy medication packet ASAP. (Please also keep the original prescription prescribe by the doctor.)
    Early pregnancy medication packet

    Finish the Progesterone 25mg (2 Amp) injection and take 2 tranexamic acid capsules immediately. Come to our centers right away or hospitals in your neighborhood.

    If the following day is Sunday, please keep taking two tranexamic acid capsules after each meal, and return to the clinic on the following Monday.