Stork Taipei Center is located in Dazhi district. The outside of the building is full of planets, which makes the view look different seasonally. The building is designed with curve which shows the technological design of elegant and meticulous. Taipei Center even though it is a medical center, we try to bring out the warmth of giving birth.

The designer Tang, Han-Zhong used “ Core” to bring out the concept, which makes the layout to be a main part, through the counter , lobby and the public space, developing a sense of hierarchy. To continue the spirit of Hsinchu Center, emphasis on humanities and arts. Stork 11 has been designed as a small “Michichi Nara” exhibition hall. Not only the DNA and Follicle..etc. materials are transferred to different images to hide in the space, but also with the arts, Taipei center is warmer and helps people feel comfortable to stay.


The shelf on the right side is “In the Heart's eye, a universe” from Takashi, which has bright eyes and a concentrated look. This shows wisdom and confidence which present the expectation of Stork toward employees.

The shelf on the left side is “Eye Patch”, which is from Yoshitomo Nara, a strong personal style artist. The quinting big head girl in the picture full of cunning evil temperament is representative work. The girl closes her eyes, means we can’t see the most important thing by eyes, only understand it carefully and find out the answer by heart.

The Lobby

Walking into the lobby, you will see there are two clouds on the ground. Coulds present Stork serve from clouds, break down the territory. We wish every customer could meet us via the convient way. On the other hand, clouds mean we like to dream big. Hope we could be based in Taiwan, exploring internationally, becoming the premier fertility center in Asia.

There is pottery on the wall, which shows “ Life is Only One”also from Yoshitomo Nara. We would like to remind viewers to remember your original mind and live hard.

Mori Girl

Enter the terrace area through the porch on the second floor, you will see a whole green planting wall with two beautiful blastocysts , which symbolizes the consistent persistence of "give me a good Embryo, promise you a healthy baby". The gentle sunshine accompanied by the breeze, created a comfortable and stress-free open café. So that every parent-to-be who can enjoy the warmth of "home".

Individual Consultation Room

The facades of individual consultation areas use black fog glass, which not only provides privacy, but also introduces natural light sources to make them more soft and warm. The grey-toned fabric sofa, matched with the wood-colored long solid wood table, shows calm and restrainedness, and also makes the space like a comfortable living room.


The Stork 11 laboratory uses large sheets of transparent glass as compartments. In addition to increasing the spaciousness of the space, you can also watch the daily work of the embryologists and the concentration of embryos. Countless little lives were born by the skillful hands.

The laboratory system space must be kept “dust-free”. In addition to eliminating possible sources of pollution in the air, including dust, microorganisms, aerosols, and chemical volatile gases. Personnel entering and exiting must also be controlled in accordance with standard procedures. The purpose is to hope these precious Germ cells can grow and thrive in the best environment.